Even though offset smokers are the best types of smokers available currently on the market, getting a highly review offset smoker is critical to help determine the most appropriate one for your smoking needs. The reports encompass quality, affordability, usability, and other features that make the smoker stand out among the rest. The comparison table for electric smokers helps buyers make the right choice when complementing which one to purchase. Char-Broil 13201747-05 Longhorn is the current leading offset smoker on the market. Below is a review of its features and functionality.

Critical points


Different from other offset smokers, Char-Broil 13201747-05 Longhorn comes with offset smokersa separate firebox chamber connecting directly to the primary chamber through a small hole to enable the smoker to maintain heat and smoke in the compartment. It in turns allows your meat to cook until it is tender in addition to facilitating infusion of preferred flavor to your meat as well as making it juicy and smoky.
It has 751 square inches of cooking surface alongside a wire cooking grate covered in ceramic, which enables it to cook your seafood, chicken, vegetables, meat, and other foods indirectly.

However, you can also cook your food directly; this offset smoker will still allow you to do that because of the additional cooking surface situated in the firebox chamber. The auxiliary chamber has a capacity of 309 square inches, a space capable of cooking about four full meals in addition to more than eight burgers. It has cooking dampers fitted into it to facilitate you in managing the heat and smoke going through the smokestack. Moreover, it has a heavy gauge made of steel that makes it durable. The sturdy stainless steel forming its structure is probably the reason why many people prefer it to other products.


Since Char-Broil 13201747-05 Longhorn is using electricity as the only source of power, it is ideal and recommended for users who have access to electricity. If you do not have an electric source of power in your neighborhood, you may consider buying other smokers whose source of power is available. The product is also ideal for smoking several food types without limitation. You can cook any meal demanding smoking and add the desired flavor efficiently.


It comes with a blend of price and quality that is one of the best in the market. If you are looking for affordability while at the same time getting value for the money you have spent on buying a smoker, consider Char-Broil 13201747-05 Longhorn.


Char-Broil 13201747-05 Longhorn Smoker Char-Broil 13201747-05 Longhorn Smoker has 7.6 points from customer reviews, which is one of the highest among the top ten offset smokers today.

This high appraisal is attributed to the capacity, affordability, and durability that the product has compared to other offset smokers.