Transporting your dog can be challenging when doing it for the first time. Fortunately, if you want to do it in the right way you need to master different techniques. Every dog is different, and some dogs might be comfortable riding on the passenger seat.

However, for some dogs, you need to get cages, especially when transporting the dog using a van. When choosing a method of transportation, make sure that you choose a method that is safe and also comfortable for your dog. Here are some tips on transporting your dog:

Use a Seat Belt

dogIf your dog is adventurous and you have already been on a road trip, a seat belt is advisable. You need to secure the dog in place when on the move to avoid injuries. Just like you secure your child, a dog should be well secured on the seat.

When using a seat belt, make sure that you choose a seat belt that will keep your dog comfortable. The best thing about using a seat belt is the fact that it prevents your dog from moving around carelessly in the car.

Dog Crate

For anxious dogs, a dog crate is the most ideal. A dog crate keeps your dog in position and prevents unnecessary movements. Most dogs get anxious while on the road. Moving to new environments can be overwhelming to your dog.

If you want to keep them as calm as possible, using a dog crate is the best way to go about it. You can ever the crate with a blanket to make sure the crate feels as cozy as possible.

Take Breaks

When traveling for long distance with your dog, make sure that you take short breaks. Taking short breaks will allow your dog to stretch. If your dog has been confined into a small space, then a break is very important.

A break will allow your dog to stretch so that you prevent fatigue from staying in a small space. After driving for few hours remove your dog from the crate and catch some fresh air outside.


Do Not Leave Your Dog in The Car

It is not advisable to leave your do in the car. If the temperatures are high outside, do not leave your dog in the car.

Leaving your dog in the car can lead to death when the temperatures are too high. You need to take care of your dog just like you will take care of your child.