Getting your nipple pierced is an exciting yet painful experience. You will always want to get that unique piece of jewelry that is worth the pain piercing. There is a wide selection of nipple jewelry from online stores.

From captives, horseshoes and barbells, stores have everything at your disposal. For cheap and authentic nipple piercing jewelry you might want to consider You will be thrilled to find that your favorite piece is as cheap and as unique as you just hope it will be.

Critical facts

Nipple piercing

Many people go into nipple piercing when they already have in mind that one piece Nipple Piercing Jewelryof jewelry that they desire. To others, they are entirely green on nipple piercing jewelry. They might end up buying the local jewelry they come across for the everyday look.

Instead of waiting to get bored of the usual here is a guide on how to get the best nipple jewelry that will leave people wondering. In fashion change is vital, and style is all about change.

Choosing the best nipple jewelry

There is a wide variety of nipple jewelry. The variety of styles ranges from; nipple rings to Nipple shields, bent barbells to circular barbells, pinchers to segment rings, nipple piercing retainers to dangle rings and more.

So how on earth are you supposed to choose just one or two pieces from all those collections? You can employ a method to help you decide from the vast variety. The key to choosing any piece of jewelry is knowing what you want. Before selecting a nipple jewelry, you should consider the size, threading and most importantly the material.


If you have any general skin sensitivities or allergies, the material your new piece of jewelry is made of should be your concern. The metal that people mostly react with is nickel which is not many existent collections. Your material choices should be surgical stainless steel, PTFE, Gold, and Titanium to be safe.


Threading is the point where a ball or decorative end screws onto a jewelry shaft. For nipple piercings, external threading isn’t ideal since it will cause a significant amount of discomfort.It is better to opt for jewelry that has internal threading like the bent barbells.


man with Nipple PiercingIf you have just been pierced, your jewelry has to be long to account for swelling but if you are healed the diameter or length of the jewelry will depend on the size of the nipple.

Now that you know what you want here are some options of nipple jewelry that come in a style that you may like.

  • Pink gem Surgical Steel nipple rounder jewelry
  • Climbing man on nipple piercing jewelry
  • Skeleton hand on nipple piercing jewelry