When it comes to outdoor hot tubs, Intex 77in Jet&Bubble Deluxe massage set is one of the favorite products in the market. Its popularity has been boosted by its unique performance in getting people relaxed and rejuvenated. By highlighting a comprehensive review of this set, potential users will get an in-depth understanding of the Intex 77in Pure Spa Portable Jet&Bubble Deluxe Massage Set. Different aspects of this product will be reviewed here below.

General features

Types of jetswoman enjoying Jet&Bubble Deluxe Massage

This massage system consists of two types of jets. There are 4 high-performance jets and 120 bubble jets. With these two types of jets, users are provided for and assured of a unique experience, which leaves them stress-free and rejuvenated after enjoying the hot water experience.


This set has amazing temperature range. Water temperature ranges from 68 degrees Fahrenheit to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature range is quite amazing and thus works to keep the water inside the tub at a comfortable level to many of the users. Of course, one can adjust the temperature to fit his/her relaxation needs.

Carrying capacity

The Intex 77in Pure Spa Portable Jet&Bubble Deluxe Massage set has a maximum carrying capacity of 4 adults. This makes it an average massage system that is suitable for many people. Its average carrying capacity implies that its price is also average. In equal measure, it has a reasonable water carrying capacity of up to 210 gallons.

Things included in the set

The set has different items included in it. A full set contains the following; tub, heating system, insulated cover, filtration system with two filter cartridges, salt water sanitation system, and hard water sanitation system. It is clear that the included things in this set are all useful, and aid users get the best out of their hot water massage experience. Of specific interest is filtration system which has two filter cartridges to ensure that the water used inside is safe.

Quality assurance

Jet&Bubble Deluxe MassageThe Intex 77in assures its users of an excellent experience. There is a guarantee that the water temperature will always be as per the users’ needs. This assurance keeps many people locked into using this massage system.

The above review of the Intex 77in Pure Spa Portable Jet&Bubble Deluxe Massage Set makes it clear that indeed this massage system is a unique one and of its kind justifying the reason for its popularity.