With over more than 100 characters and a very engaging story line, League of Legends is one of the most played games currently. As such, click here to learn and understand why this game has been steadily gaining prominence. Different gamer give varied reasons justifying why this game is their favorite game. Read on to see why.

Main Reasons


The best thing about this match is that you won’t have to pay anything to play it. For a game of this magnitude, it is hard to believe, that the producers have made it completely free. However, you can spend money to buy exciting contents inside the game. But even if you don’t buy anything, you will still have fun playing it. You can also gradually collect points, and then use them to buy new stuff.


The storyline of this game is also impressive. Each of the characters has a very exciting story line. You will be eager to learn more about them. For example, the story line behind Aatrox, the famous warrior belonging to the almost extinct Darkin race is very engaging. There is also another fascinating character named Azir, who is trying to bring the glory days back to his kingdom, Shurima.

New content

Another great thing about this game is that it will never get boring. Every month, the producers come up with some exciting and fun content. You will never lose your interest at any point of time. It is always getting bigger and better.

Interact with fellow players

This game also gives you the opportunity to chat with other players. Around 30 million players all over the world plays this game. You will find plenty of die-hard fans, who spend a lot of time playing this game. You can interact with them, make some new friends and maybe discuss some strategies.

Well maintained

gamersMaintaining a game of this size is tough. With around 30 million players, it can get hard at times for the moderators. But they have done a brilliant job so far. You will rarely experience any problem while playing it. The moderators also get rid of all the trouble making players very quickly. They have also kept this game away from the hackers successfully.

International tournaments

Because of its global presence, League of Legends is played in many gaming tournaments all over the world. Once you can master this game, you can participate in several international gaming competitions. These matches are huge in size. Millions of people watching you play. The prize money is also huge. You can earn in millions if you win.