Finding the right type and make of mattress to suit your needs and fit your budget can be quite tricky. This is because most high-end and top quality mattresses are relatively expensive and hence un-affordable to most people. Even so, you can still find a good mattress at amazing prices.

picking between foam and spring mattresses, with each type having distinctive advantages over the other. Choosing between spring and foam is often a daunting experience particularly for people who do not understand the differences between the two. Some of the tips to use in distinguishing between these two types include:


costFoam mattresses are cheaper than spring ones. This is because the foam material used in the manufacture of these mattresses is readily available and cheap hence making the manufacturing process to be inexpensive. On the other hand, spring mattresses come in a wide price range and offer better comfort and luxury options compared to foam mattresses.

It is worth noting that spring mattresses take pride in having improved durability while the foam ones are not so durable. As such, spring mattresses are longer lasting and hence pricier than foam mattresses.

Thickness options

The thickness options in foam mattresses are limited compared to those of spring mattresses. Foam mattresses have low thickness while the spring ones have varied thickness options including low and high thickness. Due to the thickness limitations in foam mattresses, they are particularly ideal for lightweight individuals. On the other hand, spring mattresses can be used by both lightweight and bulkier individuals.

Spinal support

If you are suffering from back problems or are recovering from spinal injuries, it is recommended that you opt for a mattress with the best spinal support. Foam mattresses have limited spinal supports and are considerably not suitable for people with back problems. On the other hand, spring mattresses feature several pocket coils that provide personalized spinal support. Due to the lack of advanced spinal support features in foam mattresses, they are mostly suitable for back & stomach sleepers. Spring mattresses suit side, back, and stomach sleepers.

Personal preferences

In most cases, personal preferences play a huge role in determining the ideal type of mattress to purchase. There are people who prefer foam to spring mattresses and vice versa. Mostly, personal preferences feature in situations where you have a limited budget or are looking for a mattress you can customize to meet your needs. For instance, people looking for a conforming and relaxed sleeping surface opt for spring mattresses.

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Core structure

Spring mattresses have several comfort layers that range from mere fiber-fill to layers with multiple materials like mini-springs. Open coils are used for backing the comfort layer for a more relaxed and well-defined sleeping surface. On the other hand, the nature of the core structure of a foam mattress is defined by the foam’s density. The thickness of foam mattresses depends on the density of foam with most mattresses ranging from 6-17.75 inches in thickness.

The choice of the best type of mattress to opt for narrows down to personal preference. Other factors like budget, taste and intended use may also influence the choice of the mattress to purchase.